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The Scum of the World

Risky Business VOL. 2

9/1/05 09:23 am - By David Bowie

"Running Gun Blues"

I count the corpses on my left, I find I'm not so tidy
So I better get away, better make it today
I've cut twenty-three down since Friday
But I can't control it, my face is drawn
My instinct still emotes it

I slash them cold, I kill them dead
I broke the gooks, I cracked their heads
I'll bomb them out from under the beds
But now I've got the running gun blues

It seems the peacefuls stopped the war
Left generals squashed and stifled
But I'll slip out again tonight
Cause they haven't taken back my rifle
For I promote oblivion
And I'll plug a few civilians

I'll slash them cold, I'll kill them dead
I'll break them gooks, I'll crack their heads
I'll slice them till they're running red
But now I've got the running gun blues

3/10/04 09:31 am - hello again I think

Work, Sleep, Work, Sleep, Work, Sleep, Movie, Work, Sleep, Movie, Work, Sleep, Movie, Day off, Nothing to do, Sleep, Work, Sleep, Work, Sleep, same things all over again, nothing new, kind of bleak.

3/1/04 01:27 pm - I survived another night of radio, yay!!!

The play list...


March 1, 2004
12:00 AM to 5:00 AM

Time Artist Album Song
1200 beatles Daytripper
Pink Floyd The Wall In the Flesh
Horrorpops dramaqueen
Weezer Blue Undone (sweater song)
Local H As good Freeze Dried Flies
as dead
Tenki Crauper
1227 Radiohead ok computer no surprises
Gus Van Sant the elvis of golf courses
Liars flow my tears the spider said
1243 Bush sixteen stone glycerine
Elton John Your song
Hannah Marcus Strip Darts
1255 LFO Sheathe Premacy
Violent Femmes Gone Daddy Gone
Black Top Planet Earth (@#*!)
110 Green Day Dookie she
Black Sabbath Paranoid Iron Man
Andalusia Melancholic
128 Beastie Boys Fight for your right
Band of Susans Ice Age
Amy Blanschke (self titled) Sweet Song
140 David Bowie Space Oddity
Trans Am remote liberation
Jane's Addiction Been Caught Stealing
Matthew Sweet Girlfriend Girlfriend
Don Mclean American Pie
Death by Chocolate vox wah wha pedal
206 Buddy Holly Peggy sue
Willard Grant Conspiracy regard the end
Pixie I've been waiting for you
220 My So Called Band Courtney Lost
Valley of the Giants Claudia & Khaus
Nirvana Serve the Servants
230 Pink Floyd Echos
252 Bob Dylan Rainy day Woman #12 & 35
Rock a Teen Loser Weepers
Dani Siciliano Come as you are
309 Smashing Pumpkins zero
Corrosion of Conformity Heaven's not overflowing
White Zombie More human than human
322 Electrelane the valleys
Portishead Only You
Tori Amos Mr. Zebra
333 Jimmi Hendrix if 6 was 9
Lake Trout Another One Lost Holding
Funkadelic Super Stupid
Isaac Hayes Run, Faye, Run
355 George Harrison Wah Wah
Eltro love is on the right
porno for pyros Black Girl friend
408 Yoko Ono Kiss Kiss Kiss me
Radiohead Punch Dunk Love Sick Singalong
Rhythm Sound Jah Rule
422 Oysterhead Rubberneck Lions
Ben Fold Five not the same
Say Hi to your Mom pop music of the future
436 Radio 4 Gotham Start a Fire
Horrorpops girl in a cage
Zero 7 distraction
455 Q-Burns Abstract Message Enter/other

Well I guess that is what I played, I think I cater to the every druggy from here to Virginia though, but it is cool like so freakin' cool
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